Alpha Build 0.27.0

Rally of Rockets 0.27.0

- Optimized graphics rendering (reduced OpenGL calls significantly)
- Vertical sync now an option in user_settings.cfg
- Fixed issue with Boost bar displaying top-left of screen.
- Fixed audio volume when entering/leaving Settings screen.
- Added a notice of Alpha Build / WIP before allowing player to enter game.
- Added the Is Developer Live notification button.
- Removed console window unless developer flag is set.
- Complete rewrite/reworking on Settings screen.
- Tabbed controls to organize Settings screen.
- In-game "pause" menu (no pause effect due to Multiplayer)
- In-game settings screen access through "pause".
- Key Binding Support, including Keyboard/Controllers, Axis & Inverted Axis.
    - Known Issue: Cannot bind ANY keyboard key (A-Z, 0-1, arrows, space)
    - Known Issue: Keys bound in the in-game settings don't apply until backing out to main title and reenter game.
- Fixed issue with particles causing out-of-memory issues for some players.
- Fixed issue with particles being extremely low FPS (counting seconds per frame).
- Fixed graphics issue with mirror rendering pass causing error output.
- Fixed graphics issue with environment map rendering pass causing error output.
- Surprise for the farewell-for-now playtest build: 0.27.0


Alpha (macOS) 28 MB
Version 0.27.0 Apr 06, 2019
Alpha (Windows) 22 MB
Version 0.27.0 Apr 06, 2019
Alpha (Linux) 26 MB
Version 0.27.0 Apr 06, 2019

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