Alpha Build 0.26.3

Rally of Rockets 0.26.3

- Changed: Music and Effect volumes are squared to give more control on the lower end of the scale.
- Changed: Players suggest spin-by-default Air Control worked better.
- Changed: Finally saving the settings as a pretty json file.
- Fixed: Starat/finish line not counting lap crossings at high altitude.
- Fixed: Releasing throttle for air control front flip delay was too long.
- Added: Backup multipass shadow support, detecting extensions.
- Added: Information and GL error checks to spot the GL error spam better.

NOTE: If game doesn't load to main menu, comment the #extension GL_AMD_vertex ... line at the top of



Alpha (macOS) 28 MB
Version 0.26.3 Jan 10, 2019
Alpha (Windows) 22 MB
Version 0.26.3 Jan 10, 2019
Alpha (Linux) 26 MB
Version 0.26.3 Jan 10, 2019

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