Alpha Build 0.26.2

Rally of Rockets v0.26.2

- Optimized: Shadows optimized to a single pass vs 4.
- Added: New air boost ROCKET mechanic (press boost in air)
- Changed: No longer air control after reset until first touching ground.
- Changed: No longer front flip until a full release of throttle (up arrow).
- Changed: Back to roll by default in air control (press `z` handbrake to spin).
- Changed: Some shader improvements (bugs) fixed by shakesoda.
- Changed: Minor code-base cleanup (code reorganization, warning fixing).
- Changed: Added more freedom to a couple corners for jumping.
- Fixed: OpenGL Errors if Mirror was set to false in settings.


Alpha (macOS) 28 MB
Version 0.26.2 Jan 09, 2019
Alpha (Windows) 22 MB
Version 0.26.2 Jan 09, 2019
Alpha (Linux) 26 MB
Version 0.26.2 Jan 09, 2019

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