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Rally of Rockets

Ride a rocket, catch big air and perform flips! · By timbeaudet


Recent updates

Project on-hold for now...
Rally of Rockets development has been placed on-hold for an undetermined amount of time. The project will be developed in the future, however the vision explode...
Alpha Build 0.27.0
Rally of Rockets 0.27.0 - Optimized graphics rendering (reduced OpenGL calls significantly) - Vertical sync now an option in user_settings.cfg - Fixed issue wit...
3 files — 0.27.0
Alpha Build 0.26.4
Fixed issue with particle shader causing crash before game title screen. Fixed minor memory leak in loading shaders. Performed various code-base cleanup tasks...
3 files — 0.26.4
Alpha Build 0.26.3
Rally of Rockets 0.26.3 - Changed: Music and Effect volumes are squared to give more control on the lower end of the scale. - Changed: Players suggest spin-by-d...
3 files — 0.26.3
Alpha Build 0.26.2
Rally of Rockets v0.26.2 - Optimized: Shadows optimized to a single pass vs 4. - Added: New air boost ROCKET mechanic (press boost in air) - Changed: No longer...
3 files — 0.26.2
Rocket Racing is Happening
Rocket racing better than it has ever been before!! With the year ending tsjost created a video of some development highlights of my current, work-in-progress...
Alpha Build 0.26.0
Rally of Rockets Changes in Alpha 0.26.0: - Fixed: Position Tracker inaccuracies and midrace join. - Added: PBR Materials for roughness and metalness workflow...
3 files — 0.26.0
Alpha Build 0.25.10
New Sky with atmospheric scattering (thanks shakesoda) Rendering optimizations, reduced glUseProgram calls and text allocation. Added: Checkbox to Settings page...
3 files — 0.25.10

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