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Practice racing with an egg on top of your car for the eggstra boost of confidence. Be smooth with your inputs to avoid dropping the egg on the ground and leaving a mess. Go as fast as you can for that best time to reach the finish line and also collect all the achievements along the  way.

Go fast, and don't break an egg!

  • Jumps, loops and off-roading
  • Over easy tracks to learn on
  • Hard boiled tracks to master techniques
  • Throwing eggs without the mess.
  • Eggciting, or rotten, yolks!

Eggcelerate! took several weeks to create which has a very real financial cost. By purchasing the game you are supporting my game development business and getting some fun in return. Share the game with others and post your best times below!

The game is being developed live at https://www.twitch.tv/timbeaudet 


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Eggcelerate (windows) 33 MB
Eggcelerate (linux) 32 MB
Eggcelerate (macOS) 33 MB


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It's pleasing to the eye, fun and surprisingly challenging. I had a blast navigating loops and fighting those dirt roads.

Great work Tim!

Thanks! I am really happy with this little game

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Not working for me on MacOS, getting "This application cannot be opened" and when I look further "This application cannot be opened because no available application can open it". Any ideas?

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I had to go into Security & Privacy to allow the application to run, but otherwise had no issues downloading from itch.io and running.
I am not an Apple Developer at this time, though I though Unity would support macOS as-is.


Just tried it on a regular sized Mac (as opposed to the MacBook I was using earlier) and its working as expected now. Odd, but maybe just something with my laptop. Anyway, thanks for the reply Tim :) all the best. 

Unity Player mac requirements

  • macOS: Sierra 10.12 or newer
  • CPU: Intel x64 with SSE2 instruction set.
  • GPU: Metal capable Intel and AMD GPUs
  • Officiall Apple supported GPU drivers.

Unnotarized builds mean macOS must be set to Allow apps downloaded from Anywhere instead of App Store and indentified developers. Unless the user adds an exception via finder.

Other source of problems: zip files authored/modified on Windows do not preserve execute-bit of the binary inside. This includes renaming files inside the zip.


As a fan of the stream I have to say, a fun little game. Nothing world scattering, but something to drive around in and let your mind wander for an hour or two. Definitly worth the 3$, if not just for the game (which it definitly is worth), then for the support.


Game just seems like a asset flip might be worth it for less than a dollar.


If you don't know something, don't just talk shit :) 
Just check his Twitch channel. It was a hard work of more than a month.


He seemed to have just created the account to make the comment, just a troll.


I assure you 100% of the content is original. My art capabilities still have some distance to go, but I do the best I can. If you wish to grab it for a $1 use this coupon, https://timbeaudet.itch.io/VRGS5MT6KP for the next few hours. Thanks for the feedback, I'll continue working on my art abilities.


Not sure what’cha mean buddy, you can check the Ludum Dare page for parts of the assets, if you’re looking for flipping them yourself? 🤷‍♀️


An "asset flip" is when a game is simple but the graphics are high quality, e.g. they were not made by the game developer.

This has a small number of low-poly models. It looks the opposite of that.


For macOS please follow these instructions to add an eggception for the unidentified developer warning.


Doesn't seem to work on Linux (continuously moves backwards).

Works on my Windows though! It seems I got the "drop 5 eggs" achievement while driving around, after having dropped a single egg.


Yea this build had some development tests enabled that give 1, 2 and 5 egg drop notifications on the first egg drop. Also thanks for mentioning Linux issues, they will be fixed in the next build when I have some time to make it!


This has now been addressed in the latest version of Eggcelerate! Please let me know if you have any other problems.

It works great! It doesn't say that R resets anywhere though, you might want to put that on the game over screen :)



Indeed, a little more help with that would be nice. I have added it to my list for when I make any updates!